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St Simons Media School for Kids


Executive Summary:
Our nonprofit media school, “The St Simons Media School for Kids,” aims to empower children with media literacy skills through hands-on training in various media disciplines. We strive to foster creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy among children, preparing them to navigate and contribute positively to the media landscape.

Mission Statement:
The St Simons Media School for Kids is dedicated to equipping children with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage critically with media and create impactful content that reflects their unique perspectives.


• Media Workshops: Hands-on training in Radio, photography, podcasting, and digital storytelling.
• Classes: Structured courses covering media literacy, video editing, scriptwriting, and other relevant topics.
• Mentorship Programs: Pairing students with industry professionals for personalized guidance and support.
• Outreach Programs: Collaborations with schools and community organizations to bring media literacy education to undeserved communities.
• Summer Camps: Immersive experiences combining education, creativity, and fun in a supportive environment.

Marketing Strategy:
• Social Media: Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to showcase student work, promote upcoming workshops, and engage with the community.
• Partnerships: Collaborate with schools, community centers, and youth organizations to reach a wider audience and offer tailored programs.
• Events: Host open houses, information sessions, and showcases to attract students and parents.
• Content Marketing: Create blog posts, videos, and podcasts on topics related to media literacy and children’s education to establish credibility and attract interest.


Sustainability Plan:
• Diversify revenue streams to reduce reliance on any single source of funding.
• Cultivate long-term partnerships with schools, community organizations, and industry stakeholders.
• Seek opportunities for growth and expansion, such as franchising or opening satellite campuses in other locations.
• Continuously adapt and evolve programs to meet the changing needs of children and the media landscape.


• Provide media literacy education to teens aged 13 -20 through workshops, classes, and mentorship programs.
• Offer hands-on training in various media disciplines, including Radio, podcasting, and digital storytelling.
• Foster creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy skills among children to empower them as active participants in the media landscape.
• Collaborate with schools, community organizations, and industry professionals to expand our reach and resources.
• Ensure accessibility and inclusivity by offering scholarships and outreach programs to underserved communities.

Target Market:
• Children aged 13 -20 from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds interested in media and storytelling.
• Schools, community centers, and youth organizations seeking to supplement their educational programs with media literacy training.
• Parents looking for educational opportunities that promote their children's creativity and critical thinking skills.


Financial Plan:
• Revenue Streams: Tuition fees for workshops and classes, donations from individuals and organizations, grants from foundations and government agencies, merchandise sales, and sponsorship opportunities.
• Expenses: Staff salaries, facility rental, equipment purchase and maintenance, marketing and outreach efforts, administrative costs, and scholarships for underserved students.
• Budgeting: Develop a detailed budget outlining projected income and expenses to ensure financial sustainability and transparency.

Impact Assessment:
• Measure the number of students served, their demographic diversity, and their satisfaction with the programs.
• Track students’ progress in terms of media literacy skills, creative output, and critical thinking abilities.
• Gather feedback from parents, teachers, and community partners to assess the overall impact of The St Simons Media School For Kids on children and the broader community.


St Simons Media School For Kids is committed to empowering Teens with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s media-rich world. We aim to inspire the next generation of media creators and critical thinkers through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, and a dedication to inclusivity.

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